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Believe LLC (Believe), branded as  USA Gym Clubs (UGC), is a member-owned, manager-managed youth amateur sports organization serving families in Portland, Oregon.  UGC’s core club sport is its competitive gymnastics team; related recreational activity clubs include Rose City Gymnastics Club (non-competition),  Believe Cheer Club, and our hallmark Believe Drill Club, which performs at Portland Trail Blazer home games and other public events, including recent performances with the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Teams.

Believe offers its Members an exclusive opportunity to work with youth in a sports environment at an ownership level you may have never dreamed possible.  Membership in Believe is required for full-time or part-time employment in our sports clubs.  Volunteer opportunities are also available.  Membership opportunities are currently available to dedicated individuals who would like to participate in Believe’s club programs as employees or volunteers.

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The content on this web page is for informational purposes only, and is not an offer, invitation, or solicitation to purchase membership in Believe LLC.  Membership can only be extended through invitation after a thorough review of the financial risks, a personal interview, a background check, and approval by the voting members of Believe LLC.  Not available in all states.